Tier 1 Application

Tier 1 Program offers incentives for the development of small-scale green energy projects. Funding levels will not exceed 40 percent (%) of the Total Project Cost using the Reference Cost as a maximum per installed Watts. Applicants requesting funding through the Green Energy Fund must satisfy all of the eligibility and other requirements contained in the GEF Regulation and Tier 1 Reference Guide. Therefore, all parties involved in the development of a project applying to receive funding through the GEF must read and understand the GEF Regulation and Tier 1 Reference Guide.

Highlights of the GEF tier 1 program include

  • Allocated funds will be distributed through three (3) funding cycles. Incentives are granted on a “First Come, First Served” basis.
  • A non-refundable Application Fee will be charged to apply. Please refer to the Tier 1 Reference Guide for the applicable fee amount.
  • A Reservation Guarantee will also be required to reserve an incentive as security for the successful completion of the project in accordance with all terms and conditions.
  • Applicants must submit required documentation, as indicated in the GEF Regulation and in the Reservation Agreement.