General Tier 1 and Tier 2 Information

The Green Energy Fund was created to provide incentive programs to help Puerto Rico residents, business owners, and government invest in green energy. The following two incentive programs were created by Act 83 of 2010, and will be available starting July 1, 2011:

Tier 1
Type of Incentive Investment-based Incentive (Payment upon completion). First come, first served basis.
System Capacity Less or equal to 100kW.
Eligible Customers Homeowners and business owners.
Reimbursement Percentage * Up to 40% of the total eligible project cost.
Tier 2
Type of Incentive Payment upon completion - Competitive-based grants.
System Capacity Greater than 100kW, up to 1MW.
Eligible Customers Business, industry, and government units.
Reimbursement Percentage * Up to 50% of the total eligible project cost.

* For detailed information about each incentive program, please refer to the Regulation and Reference Guides.