Tier 2 Program offers incentives for the development of medium-scale green energy projects. Incentives will be granted on a competitive basis. Funding levels will not exceed 50 percent (%) of the Total Project Cost. Incentive levels vary depending upon technology, system size, and customer type. Applicants requesting funding through the Green Energy Fund must satisfy all of the eligibility and other requirements contained in the GEF Regulation and Tier 2 Reference Guide. Therefore, all parties involved in the development of a project applying to receive funding through the GEF must read and understand the GEF Regulation and Tier 2 Reference Guide.
Highlights of the GEF Tier 2 Program Include:
The program is competitive. The Technical Committee will select and recommend only the strongest projects for funding.
Allocated funds will be distributed through four funding cycles.
Proposals shall be submitted no later than the fifth day of each quarter.
A non-refundable Application Fee will be charged to apply. Please refer to the Tier 2 Reference Guide for the applicable fee amount.
A Reservation Guarantee is required to reserve an incentive as security for the successful completion of the project in accordance with all terms and conditions.
Applicants must submit required documentation, as indicated in the GEF Regulation and in the Reservation Agreement.

Applicant, as defined in the Green Energy Fund Regulation (the “Regulation”), by proceeding to fill and submit the application to an incentive under the Green Energy Fund, acknowledges and agrees (and will certify whenever and wherever may be required) that:

1. He/she has the authority to apply herein and does so voluntarily.

2. If Applicant is different than the Customer, he/she has full authority granted by Customer and will be the main contact with PREAA through all communications related to this Application.  Applicant will inform Customer of all communications received from PREAA.

3. He/she has read, understands and agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions contained in the Regulation, in the Reference Guides and in the Terms and Conditions of this Website, including in the online application. If Applicant is different than Customer he/she represents herein that Customer has also read, understood and agreed to be bound by the terms and conditions contained in the Regulation, in the Reference Guides and in the Terms and Conditions of this Website.

4. Customer and Applicant shall each indemnify, defend, and hold harmless PREAA (including its government affiliated entities and all of their respective officers, directors, employees, agents, licensors, suppliers, and any third-party agents) against all claims, losses, expenses, damages and costs (including reasonable attorney fees) resulting from any actions or omissions from Applicant and/or Customer resulting in detriment to Customer and/or PREAA.

5. The information to be provided in the application or any part thereof, including its exhibits, schedules and other documents or instruments delivered or to be delivered to PREAA, electronically through this website or subsequently as part of any information request as PREAA may require, are true, accurate and complete and will include all information necessary to ensure the statements therein do not in whole or in part mislead PREAA as to any material fact.

6. The Application and actions of Customer and/or Applicant will not be in any respect fraudulent or collusive.

7. Customer and, if different, Applicant, are aware that the submittal of an application involves the payment of a NON-REFUNDABLE Application fee and eventually, if successfully notified of an incentive reservation, of the submittal of a RESERVATION GUARANTEE.

8. The above list is not an exclusive list of terms and conditions. All provisions of the Regulation, the Reference Guides, in the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for this Website, shall be considered herein incorporated by reference.

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